The modern cosmetic industry offers a plethora of lucrative opportunities for ambitious individuals who want to build successful careers. Whether it involves working as a scientist, a manager, or a sales representative, people can expect to achieve lots of success by taking part in this ever-evolving field of industry.

In this article, we will discuss the business opportunities of those who opt for positions of sales representatives, who, for example, Sell Avon products, or products of some other cosmetics company.



If you are interested in selling cosmetic products, you should know that two business opportunities are waiting here; becoming a sales representative, and becoming a sales leader.

Sales Representative

This position will involve you selling cosmetic products directly to the customers, for which you will receive around 30% to 50% commission from all the sales you make. These sales will be typically generated during various presentations, hotel meetings, parties, and so on. You will also receive a substantial percentage discount, which will be based on the volume of sales you make. These days, there are many of those who are interested in just being a sales representative and not switching to a different business model. They are typically more than satisfied with their pays as well as the working conditions. However, those who are a bit more ambitious, usually pursue the position of a sales leader.

A Sales Leader

ASDASDSADThe main objective of a sales leader is to recruit talented sales representatives into their sales teams. Leaders usually receive a percentage of the profits these recruits make; therefore, it is important for them to do some good talent scouting. In general, all of the newly acquired recruits become parts of the original sales leader’s downline. With this in mind, every sales leader strives to make their downline as large as possible, so as to increase their earnings. Simply put, this is just another form of the basic, multi-level marketing model.


In order to become a successful sales representative or leader, there are a number of requirements you will have to meet.

  • For starters, in order to be a good sales representative, you will need to possess exceptional communication skills.
  • Even though not crucial, the knowledge of cosmetic products will significantly improve your odds of making sales.
  • Since you will be moving a lot, you will have to have a car or access to a reliable means of transportation.
  • You will have to be persistent and patient. Keep in mind that this is an MLM business, in which only 15% to 20% of people succeed in earning significant amounts of money. Therefore, if you start out slowly, do not lose hope, but instead be persistent and keep pursuing your goal of becoming a successful sales person.