Driving your car has become a routine activity. You do it on a daily basis. You use your car to drive you around and take you to places anywhere and anytime. Your driving experience becomes you. You spend a lot of time in your car. A lot of your time is spent either commuting, stuck in traffic, or just driving while enjoying the road. It will make perfect sense if you want to enhance your driving experience. To up the ante on your driving and upgrade your car, you can easily purchase car accessories. When you are in the driver’s seat, your domain is your dashboard. Equip your dashboard with handy gadgets with these nifty dashboard accessories.

Dash cams

dash camEvery one practically puts cameras simply anywhere these days. With all the unbelievable stunts you see on the road, it’s a no-brainer to put one in your car. Enter the dash cam. It is a device that explains itself by its name. It’s a camera that you install on the dashboard of your car. A dash cam is a very convenient gadget to have. It can record everything on the road. It is your other set of eyes that you can later rewatch for evidence, or simply your viewing pleasure. There are many advantages in installing one. They can back you up in accidents, be your witness and evidence if anything goes wrong, and it can record anything unexpected that you see along the road. Here you can find the best dash cam there is on the market.

Radar detectors

Speed is a game enjoyed by many. Especially the people who are driving. When you are late for work or an appointment, there will be a need for speed. With all the policemen and their speed traps, you might get a ticket and be fined. Enter the radar detector. Even though we do not urge or suggest that it is okay to speed, radar detectors are very handy. They are very convenient especially for those of you who have a heavy foot not to get caught driving in a hurry.

Smartphone mounts

smartphone mountThese days, you need phones for everything. Especially smartphones. When driving, it is not okay to text and drive. But you will need your phone for directions. Enter the smartphone mount. This is a very handy car accessory that you put on your dashboard. Like its name, its use is to mount smartphones. Keep your phones in your reach by mounting the mount on the dashboard of your car.