Understanding What It Means To Be Married


The decision to tie the knot involves making a lifelong commitment to your partner for life. Marriage is legalized in a contractual document that is accompanied by certain rights, benefits, legal and financial obligations. If you decide to tie the knot, you can get a great wedding plan at runawaywithme.com. Below is all you need to understand about getting married.

Understanding what it means to be married

What is marriage?

fdgdfgdgdfgfdgfdgMarriage can be simply described as a union between two people who have come together. They have obtained marriage licenses from their state so as to take part in the ceremony. In some places, you do not need a legal document to ratify a marriage. This is the common law types of marriage.

Prior to your wedding

Your rights and responsibilities during marriage are defined by the statutory rules and regulations within your state. However, if the rules are not elaborate enough, you and your spouse can mutually sign a contract through a prenuptial agreement.

What to consider before getting married

First, ask yourself how both of you will manage your assets.Do you want to keep some items separately or as a couple? Do you trust your partner enough to proceed without a prenuptial agreement? Is your prenuptial agreement legally binding or do you need a lawyer to give it more clout?

What are some of the requirements?

Whatever type of wedding you plan for, there are some basic requirements that you will need to make legal and financial preparations. You must ascertain what legal requirements are needed for the marriage. Also, inquire on how you can get a marriage certificate or license.

What rights and benefits are you entitled to during marriage

When married you will be privy to several rights and benefits. The rights span from inheritance and tax benefits to child support and alimony. In the event of a divorce or case of bereavement, what are you entitled to if your partner passes away? The rights and benefits include tax benefits from joint filings, estate planning benefits, government benefits such as social security and disability benefits. Other financial support regarded are equity property division, consumer benefits and several other types of insurance.

Financial responsibilities of marriage

When you get married some of the responsibilities, you should give top priority are supporting your children financially. You will also be liable for several family expenses. You then share equally property and income acquired during the marriage. In a case of divorce, take financial responsibility to your family.

After the wedding

fdgfdgdfgdfgfdgOnce you tie the knot, you two become one. After your honeymoon, there might be some paperwork you will be required to fill. For instance, changing your name, adding your spouse’s name to an insurance policy, adding your spouse as a beneficiary and updating your estate documents.


Apart from the financial and legal benefits attached to marriage, there are emotional benefits too. Finding a loved one who also becomes your companion for life results into improved life span, emotional stability and improves your psychological state of mind. Research shows that couples who are together in a marriage live longer than those who are single.